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Get Yourself Tested!


Below are some Ads I edited and put together for Planned Parenthood’s GYT (Get Yourself Tested) campaign that will be featured in the local SA Current magazine.

GYT: Get Yourself Tested is a nationwide campaign with MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation that focuses on increasing testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among those under 25 years of age.

“The GYT campaign is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn what Planned Parenthood knows — that affordable testing, treatment and education are the tools teens and young people need to stay healthy and safe.” David Greenberg

For more information about GYT visit

Getting your Running Shoes on!


I  was contacted a few months ago by a local woman who is a part of the Habitat for Humanity group planning a 5k Run/Walk to benefit the non-profit organization. Their run/walk is called “Run for Roofs”. I don’t have much information or a website just yet but once I get more information as to when the race will be held and location I will re-post it here on my blog. Below is the logo I created.

It’s time for Summer Camp!


My friends at Sunny Day Farms are gearing up for Summer! Below is a flyer I designed for their Farm School Summer Camp program for kids ages 4-12. Below the flyer I created is an amazing video of Sunny Day Farms that highlights everything they stand for and showcases many of the animals that call Sunny Day Farms home. Please watch! For more information about Sunny Day Farms and all the amazing programs they offer, visit their website at

D.I.V.A. Newsletter


Earlier this week I met with my new client from D.I.V.A. (Divine Intercession for Virtuous Adolescents), a non-profit group that encourages and empowers young ladies to dream big, become active members of society and gives them tools to tackle everyday issues and struggles. I think this is a great organization and really admire what they stand for. They asked me to design their first ever newsletter.  I had a good time at our meeting going over possible names for the newsletters, color schemes and layout. Below is the template for the new newsletter, 2 different color options. Their signature colors are hot pink & gray.




Here are a few different Blog headers and a splash page header I designed for photographer, Rose Merrell. I just finished re-designing her new website (photos coming soon) and designed her blog too.

“Women Hold Up Half the Sky”


I’ve been working with the Planned Parenthood on a 4 part project for their Annual Luncheon in April. This years guest speaker is Sheryl WuDunn, author of Half the Sky. The book  lays out an agenda for the world’s women and three major abuses: sex trafficking and forced prostitution; gender-based violence including honor killings and mass rape; maternal mortality, which needlessly claims one woman a minute. We know there are many worthy causes competing for attention in the world. Click the link for more information

A few months ago I designed the Save the Date card for the luncheon and last month I completed the mailed invitation. Below is the invitation design and a few options for a give away tote bag.

They Really DO say “Hakuna Matata”


“Hakuna Matata”, it means no worries! A client of mine just got back from a 2 week trip to Africa! They spent their time in Kenya and Tanzania for an amazing safari! I got to view a few of their photos and to say I was jealous in an understatement. I can’t imagine being just feet or yards away from a lion or an elephant! They also got to spend time with the Maasai people and learned that “hakuna matata” isn’t something Disney made up, they really do say it and sing it in songs. You learn something new everyday! Below is their annual Soul Food Dinner invitation with an African theme. Below my invitation design is a photo of the Maasai people.

INSIDE: 14 Years in the Making.


When I was 12 years old, I was first introduced to poetry in my 8th grade English class. My teacher (Mr. Stephen Sporer) read us poetry from literary greats and modern writers. He taught us different styles and  encouraged us to write our own and draw inspiration from things around us, our lives, our families, nature, our favorite songs or to put ourselves in the shoes of someone else and write from their perspective. It was in this class where my first poem was written and my passion for writing began. It’s taken me 14 years to write and collect the first volume of what I call “Inside”, a 176 page collection of my poems from 8th grade to the end of 2010. I went through times where I would write several poems a day to not writing for years at a time.  A few poems are missing from my collection, since I may have lost the written copy or digital file of it in my many moves around the city, but it’s as complete as I can get. I am unsure if I am going to make this book available for purchase on, but I will have at least one hard copy printed for myself. Below is the cover of my poetry book. I snapped this photo of myself with a camera phone and have always liked it but never knew what to do with it. It’s not quite the “typical” facebook pic or something I’d print out and frame…. it’s just been hanging out on my computer for several years and I felt that it would be the perfect image to use for the cover of my book…. since the book is an intimate glimpse into my heart and soul. I am also adding the chapter pages of the book as well. Some of my poems are deeply personal, others are inspired from books, songs or people I know and people I have never met. If it wasn’t for that 8th grade English class and for my teacher Mr. Sporer I may have never discovered what a powerful tool and comforting thing writing poetry can be. So thank you Mr. Sporer.



Even in my sick state ( I’ve got the flu! Boo!) I can knock out awesome images like this! My friends at Shelby Racing sure do love their cars and wanted to showcase them in this photo. Here is the before image and the awesome after! To find out more about San Antonio Shelby Racing visit their facebook at




Cabin Fever Funtime!


So, I’ve got a little cold and been stuck in the house all day. I’ve got a case of Cabin Fever, which can be a good thing sometimes, it inspires me to be artistic. Tonight I got inspired by my friend’s photos she posted on Facebook. I took a few and had some fun with them on Photoshop. I feel honored when my friend say’s she wants to grow up to be me…meaning, she wants to be a graphic designer too. I love that! I enjoy mentoring young talent and help bring out her passion in the arts. She still has time before choosing a college or art school but I know she’ll find her niche in the art world and she’ll be amazing!



Rose Merrell Website


A few months ago I designed a website for a local photographer (Rose Merrell). Here are a few screen shots of her website:

Splash Page:




Love is in the Air!!!


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and what better way to share some love than to attend the Planned Parenthood’s Condoms & Cocktail party. Below is this month’s Super Sexy invitation I designed.

Glamour & Power


This is just a fun project I did for a friend of mine. She saw the avatar I did for Brooke of Sunny Day Farms and wanted one of her own. She had me include an image of her car “Miss America”…her prized Shelby Mustang. I always have fun doing little projects like this..and OMG…i love the shoes I gave her…if only I could draw them into reality!

We’re all Friends!!!


Here is a small campaign card for the Planned Parenthood. They want everyone to “show their love and be ‘friends’ with them on Facebook” You can befriend them here: . I used the “Someone You Know…” campaign poster for this card, it’s such a great concept and works perfectly for February (Valentine’s Day / love theme). Plus! I am excited to finally use the cute scripty font for the back of the card. I found it and have been waiting for the ideal project to use it. Yes, yes…i know… I’m a nerd, I get excited about fonts, what can i say… it’s an art to me.

Interior Design Website SNEAK PEEK


Below are some screenshots of the new website I created for Kim Kraemer of K.Rue Designs, an interior designer in Texas. The site will be live on the web in a few days ( I will post the link later) but I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek at the site. It’s clean, modern and classy with a burst of color. I really wanted to highlight the images of her work with the slideshows and before/after shots. She is so talented!

Saddle Up! It’s time for Class!


Last year I was contacted by a colleague of one of my clients that is starting up a “Cowboy College”. Below is the design I created and the slogan “A modern approach to cowboy”. She was aiming for a new twist to the traditonal “Texan” cowboy and wanted something modern, fresh and new that would appeal to a younger clientele. The training she wants to offer is still the traditional cowboy/ ranching practices, just with a new flair.



Below is the flyer for the 10 week Permaculture Design Course that Sunny Day Farms is hosting.



Here is another flyer I created for Sunny Day Farms.I had no idea what Aquaponics & Aquaculture was until I read more about it and it’s a pretty amazing process that definitely benefits the environment. Check out this workshop that Sunny Day Farms is hosting for Dr. Paul B. Range Phd and Gloria Haswell on March 19. For more info contact Sunny Day Farms at 830-762-9000



I had the fun chance to design an avatar of Brooke, the owner of Sunny Day Farms, for her new blog she’s starting (“Bucking Texas Tradition Since 2001”). The avatar is complete with cute vegan cowgirl boots (look closely) and a Sunny Day Farms T-shirt! I had a lot of fun drawing her and creating this super cute design. I love it!! I should make one of me! LOL. Here are several versions of the Avatar & background. Find out more about Sunny Day Farms and all the wonderful things they offer at

Twenty•Eleven: A New Decade Begins!


Just wishing all my current, past and future clients, my friends, my family and readers of my blog a VERY HAPPY AND JOYFUL NEW YEAR! May 2011 be a year of new beginnings, new experiences and a time of growth. It’s been a great decade, I’m ready for the next! Here’s to 2011!



Ok… so if you know me, you know i DO NOT like fast cars… i am a wuss when it comes to speed and it doesn’t help that I get extremely carsick! Well, my boss at Dragonfly Design Photography loves racing cars, especially her Shelby Mustang (nicknamed “Miss America”) Below are three t-shirt concepts for the San Antonio Shelby Racing Team. I took ONE right in her Shelby and NEVER AGAIN! We only went around the block but I nearly lost my lunch! I’ll leave the fast cars to her! LOL.

Great Gatsby!!!


I LOVE designing party invitations…. and this one is near and dear to me! My mom is turing 50 this upcoming January and I am throwing her a 1920’s themed “Great Gatsby” birthday bash at a local dance studio! Not only do I love designing invitations, but I loved themed parties too, so this should be a blast!!! Below is her her party invite!

Love you Mom!!!

The doors are always Open!


Below is a party invitation I created for The Planned Parenthood. It’s a celebration of the dedication and support from local patrons of Planned Parenthood. I love the concept of the “open doors” fold of the card. I can’t wait to see them printed!

(opened, inside)

Doggone Wonderful Logos!


A good friend of mine, Derek, is a local dog trainer…or as I like to call and have witnessed “dog whisperer” ! He is amazing! I agreed to give him some logo options for his company. He has a logo already but I thought it could use some sprucing up! Derek is actually working with my dog, Phil and boy does he need it! But I have faith that Derek can help Phil… and me too… it’s amazing  how much he has taught me about dog psychology and body language…. so i guess it’s Katie training too, LOL

Below is his original logo, then the 3 logos I designed for him. You can visit his (facebook) site at: Doggone Wonderful Training!

And here is my baby Phil at his first session…

Please Oh Please!!!


Dear Texas, could you please let this happen this Christmas!…even a tiny bit!? *fingers crossed!

5…4…3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


It’s almost time to ring in the new year! I can’t believe a decade in the new millennium is almost over! WHERE HAS ALL THE TIME GONE! Well, I guess it’s true… time does fly when you’re having fun. These past 10 years of my life have been fantastic. So many amazing things have happened and I have grown so much. I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds for me….besides my thirties, lol.

Below is a New Years card I designed for The Planned Parenthood.



(inside of card)

Be a Best Buddy!


My friends at Sunny Day Farms have launched their Farm Animal Sponsorship program where you can sponsor your choice of animal for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year. So far it’s been a great success! I am actually sponsoring a little duck that I got to name Darla. I was given an update on Darla and heard that she is one of the few baby ducks that can fly now but prefers to hang out with her other duck friends that haven’t learned to fly yet. What a sweetie! Below is the Sponsorship Certificate you will receive after sponsoring one or more of the many animals that call Sunny Day Farms home!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!


I can’t believe Christmas is already here… I am just waiting for Texas weather to keep up with the season. I’m ready for some cold weather already! If I can’t have snow in real life I’ll just use it in my designs! Below is a fun Christmas card I designed for a client. Their theme was “The Night Before Christmas”. Thanks Kim! 

And Two Become One


I had the opportunity to help out a good friend of mine this week. I was asked to design a wedding album for a friend. I love being able to design a beautiful book that captures the love between 2 people. Below are a few pages from the wedding storybook I created. Thanks Brittany &n Jesse for thinking of me!